Fort Mahone

En route to meet General Grant at the Wallace House in Petersburg, President Lincoln and his group stopped at Fort Mahone, often called Fort Damnation. Here Lincoln climbed a fortification where the Union IX Corps assault had taken place the day before. Many bloated bodies, both Union and Confederate, still lay sprawled about the battleground. Among them were members of Union General Charles H.T. Collis' colorful 114th Pennsylvania Regiment, whom Lincoln had seen on guard duty at City Point earlier in the week. A cavalryman in the escort saw tears streaming down Lincoln's cheeks while there. Lincoln's bodyguard, William Crook, made note that Lincoln's face had "settled into its old lines of sadness" over the cost of human life and suffering during the long war. A monument, erected by the State of Pennsylvania in honor of the soldiers of the 3rd Division, 9th Corps, Army of the Potomac, stands at the Fort Mahone site.


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An interpretive marker and the Pennsylvania Monument are located at the site of Fort Mahone.

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